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You deserve a fair shot in your criminal case, so work with an attorney who will give you the best chance at great outcome.


Let us help with any type of criminal matter you are facing, from misdemeanors to felonies, including OWIs, theft, drug charges, and assault cases.

Let us help in your criminal case

Criminal Law

When your family is facing a legal dispute, you need the services of an honest,

understanding lawyer.


We can help you navigate the complex legal system surrounding adoption, divorce, child custody, and visitation rights, and can even assist with writing a prenuptial agreement.

Your family can get great support

Family Law

Don't leave your estate to chance when we can make sure everything is in its

proper place.


You'll get thorough services from an expert lawyer who can help with estates, wills, or

real estate law - all backed by our extensive experience and attention to detail.

Plan your estate correctly

Estate Law

Work with a lawyer who cares

You can work with a lawyer who cares about your case and will deliver thorough legal services for criminal issues, family law, civil litigation, estate planning, and more.